Welcome to Little Robin - the home of lovingly handcrafted jewellery and gifts.

Based in Brisbane Australia, Little Robin originally started life as DesignByFee. With growth and design input from the younger of the two robins, Emily, it was clear that the name had been outgrown. This is when Little Robin was born.

Why robins? Our Grandmother believes that when our Grandfather passed away, he came back as a robin to watch over her. Every time we are back in the homeland, Scotland, we feel the connection and are constantly followed by the cheeky little chaps.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, find a nice comfy chair, and come on in for a look around.

There is plenty to see in our shop. Catch up with whats happening on our blog, or connect with us via social media and find out where our next markets will be.


Fiona & Emily